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Why Shutters?

When choosing to install shutters to a property, the value they add goes far beyond that of aesthetics. Shutters are a fixed architectural feature and because they are not décor specific, they are a price increasing factor when the real estate industry and buyers assess the value of the property. Often seen as an “expensive” finish to a window when mistakenly compared to décor specific alternatives such as curtains or fashionable blind options, shutters should be seen in the category of architectural additions to any property.

Shutters are 100% adjustable. Louvre’s can be opened or closed depending on the spaces' requirement for privacy. Hinged, bi-fold or by-pass shutters, when open, do not impose on the flow or beauty of a space, when closed they give added functionality and privacy.

Prestige Wooden Windows has a wide range of beautiful shutters to choose from, ranging in timber, styles, finishes and customized designs. There is a shutter to suit all types of architecture and interior décor. Shutters can be customized to suit unusual shaped openings such as arched, triangular and circular.

Our wooden shutter ranges add classic beauty to the value of any property. The beauty of wood transcends trends and fashion, perfectly suited to all interior styles and as comfortable in the company of antiques as it is with modern furnishings, the rich and interesting ambience of wood is invaluable.

Shutters offer excellent thermal insulation, blocking out the heat of the sun in hot summer months and providing an attractive insulating layer to keep homes warm in winter. Because they are adjustable, the amount of airflow and light can be controlled to suit specific ventilation and lighting needs.

Light, ventilation, privacy, even room configuration, shutters provide control over it all.

Adjust the louvers to allow more or less air flow and light into a space, open or close the hinged, bi-fold or by-pass shutters to create an uninterrupted view or flow to a space or create spaces within spaces for added functionality.

Shutter Products: (Custom-made only)

Decowood: The most economical choice, this range is manufactured from engineered wood composites sourced from FSC certified plantations. Only available in 3 light colours. (Interior)

Normandy: Our Normandy shutter range offers stability, durability and choice and is one of our most popular ranges. (Interior)

Woodbury: This range is specifically designed to be in wet areas like showers or bathrooms (waterproof). Five light Colours available.

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